History Behind “Trial of A Hummingbird”

For a long time, guys always approached me, but even still it wasn’t that many guys to begin with. I have tons of guy friends who are the most amazing people, but we’re friends for a reason. They are some of the most brutally honest people on the planet, right after kids and your parents. I also tend to get along with them better, hence, two of my best friends are guys. The problem with having guy friends is that sometimes I can read a guy before he even talks to me. I’m more in tune with how a guy would approach a girl than how a girl would approach a guy, and believe me, my friends were NO help at all. After a while, I got tired of not knowing what to say. So one day, I jumped. I approached a guy to see if I could do it and it didn’t go horribly wrong. That’s where the idea of this poem came from. I wanted it to be about finding the courage to go after something that pleads you to be more open and optimistic. “Trial of A Hummingbird” is all about finding something to inspire you and jumping for it.

Check out this poem: Trials Of A Hummingbird


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