When You’re Not In The Equation

You say you don’t understand
How I can be me, and still be we
But that’s not a difficult thing
He is he and she is she
But together, they’re a collective, a whole, one thing
I mean
He likes she and she likes he
Together, those two, that’s a relationship
A we
Now I don’t see any other way
That you can be you and I can be me
And not be we
I don’t understand how…
I can like you and you can like me
When you can’t see the picture of we
I’m painting for you
From where I’m standing, it’s a beautiful thing
But from your end
I can’t see how this is blocking your view
Explain, I mean
Is it really we that you can’t view
Or is it me and you that you can’t see
What if I subtract me and add her
Better yet, subtract you and add him
Would you see the we that me and him could be
Picture us
Now wouldn’t that be a difficult thing.



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